The machines want the humans dead?

The machines want the humans dead?

This is just an example how machines would conspire against humans. As we have seen in movies the battle between machines and humans, the day is not far when it might actually happen. It is the time we prepare to battle against the machines. How will we do that?

1. By playing video games. Yes, video games help us to understand the motives of machines and teaches us tactics to battle them.

2. By watching Movies. Movies like Transformers and Terminator explains us how the machines would conquer the human civilization. Movies also give us ideas how to battle the machines, destroy them by identifying loopholes and since human intelligence cannot be challenged by artificial intelligence

The machines have already began their quest, are we ready to defend our race?

(just meant for humour)


Is iOS7 really taking us back to the future?


As is the case with most things Apple, last week’s iOS7 launch led to polarizing reactions from the tech world at large – and whether you loved the new operating system to bits or hated its guts, you will likely find it hard to ignore all the ado. Apart from the fact that it was launched by Apple in their widely-followed annual Worldwide Developer Conference week; the key reason behind all the negative / positive hullabaloo is that this is not just any visual revamp – this is an intentional, and paradigm shift in design philosophymade by a company that is synonymous with great design and one that can rightfully be referred to as a pioneer that introduced aesthetics to the world of technology.

I do believe that Apple introduced the concept of design to everybody from the top to the bottom of the value chain in technology. Apple…

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